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Architectural Pre-Design

Initial stages of the design process in which program, site, costs and client's objectives for the project are outlined. Our architects work directly with the client to get the project on track for its development.

Architectural Design and Construction Documents

Production of schematic, design development and construction documents according to the project's objectives and applicable codes.  Quality control measures are applied to each phase to deliver a complete project.


Identification and submission of requirements for permits to be submitted to government agencies and reviewed by building code officials. Code conformance review is executed.


Preparation of bid documents and bid package. Attendance or direction of bid related meetings. Counseling in pre-selection of bidder and during contractor selection process.


Performance of construction supervision/observation services and analysis of progress charts, CPM, cost estimates, etc.

Construction Management

Performance of construction management services and development of progress charts, CPM, cost estimates, etc.

Design Build

Participation and close coordination with the contractor for the design phases of the project and project's construction.

Disaster Damage Assessment

Documentation of property, before and after the natural disaster, evaluation and development of recommendations for repairs, mitigation and code compliance. Detailed cost estimate is developed and sustained by research developed.

Urban Planning

Inventory, analysis and diagnosis of existing conditions in order to develop urban plans, programs and design guidelines according to the visions, objectives and goals elaborated.

Urban Design

Design of new or rehabilitation of existing public roads, streets, spaces and landmarks. Coordination and selection of urban finishes, vegetation and furniture.

Urban Furniture

Custom designed urban furniture

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