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We design Architecture that integrates the project to its urban context, the building to its natural landscape, the community to its public spaces and a person to its immediate surroundings. We generate spaces that encourage and stimulate people to engage in their communities and with one another. We create projects that adapt to changes in technology, economies and demographics.

We design Cities that are people-oriented, thus challenging car-oriented development. We aspire to stimulate people to walk to their destinations, to use bicycles as an alternative transportation and to interact with their urban surroundings. We produce urban plans that encourage multi-use development, public spaces and landscape integration. We perceive urban renewal as a means of progress for society.

We promote Dialogue between the Urban Context and Natural Environment. Our architecture and cities are resilient to climate change, are sustainable and are evolutive in unison.


We advise our clients on Technology, Efficiency and Project Strategies. Our projects integrate the latest technology and infrastructure available, balance cost and energy efficiency and  meet the client's objectives.

We work with multiple Types of Projects and Scales: Institutional, educational, recreational, housing, commercial and interior architecture, as well as historic preservation, urban planning and urban design. We design and coordinate the integration of our projects from the building's details to the master plan. Our portfolio evidences that we can successfully execute something as small as a single structure or as large as a city master plan or a community redevelopment plan.

We are involved with our Clients on the Project from beginning to end. Guidance is provided from the project's initial phases all the way through to the project's close-out. We encourage to keep communication with our clients after our projects are completed.

With over 20 years of Experience in the Industry and going strong, we commit to developing Architecture and Urban Designs of the highest quality. Since our founding in 1997, our firm has developed extensive experience in the Architectural and Urban Design field, which is also complemented by Manuel Bermúdez's participation as partner in both Manuel Bermúdez Blanquita Calzada Arquitectos, founded in 1990, and Agrait Bermúdez Betancourt Arquitectos, founded in 1985.


Our pursuit of Excellence in all facets of our work has been recognized with numerous awards from local and international organizations such as Colegio de Arquitectos y Arquitectos Paisajistas de Puerto Rico (CAAPPR);  American Institute of Architects (AIA), Puerto Rico, Florida Association and Regional Chapters; Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico (CIAPR); and the Federation of Caribbean Associations of Architects. Our work has been reviewed by numerous publications and periodicals from North America, the Caribbean and Europe.


Arch. Manuel Bermúdez, AIA PHK


Arch. Mariela Bravo Pascual, AIA NCARB


Arch. Lara Barreiro Cummings, AIA NCARB

Senior Architect

Juan Carlos Colón

Design Workshop Director

William Collazo

Design Workshop Director

Kristy Rivera, AIT

Project Architect

Marvin Arroyo, AIT

Project Architect

Kiara De León, AIT

Project Architect

Javier Figueroa

Architecture Intern

Sofía Capllonch

Architecture Intern

Andrés Bermúdez Calzada

Office Manager

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