El Peligro Community Relocation

+ New Housing

Comercio Street, Lares, Puerto Rico

Special Communities Program

Puerto Rico Housing Department

2002 - 2008

The program required the relocation of the inhabitants of the former Peligro Ward, a community of poor houses flanking a steep stair and encircled by a creek, to housing units that adequately responded to their needs without displacing them from their familiar context. The project proposed the demolition of the existing houses and the construction of a housing complex on a new lot formed by the addition of two contiguous properties to the original site.

Each unit was designed according to the needs of each former resident of the community: seventeen units - 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom - were disposed around a stepped public space on six buildings of three stories each. The common facilities also include a playground, a recreational room and a meeting room. The larger units were located on the bottom level, and the free space on the roof was converted into balconies and terraces for the upper smaller units; the setbacks articulated the structure and reduced the impact of the new building mass on the street and neighboring structures.

Design Team:

Architecture & Landscape:


Manuel Bermúdez AIA, Project Architect

Rafael Félix RA, Design Captain

Beatriz Flores, RA, Design Team


Antonio Hernández, PE


PDN Structural Engineers


Jorge Ledón Webster, PE


Carlos Urrutia, PE