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Resiliencia y Solidaridad

Resiliencia y Solidaridad: Resliencia y Diseño

"The concept of "resilience" should be applied beyond resilient construction methods: social resilience and economic resilience which could be achieved through the planification and development of communities."

Resiliencia y Solidaridad: Encuentro con la Diáspora

Hurricane Maria, a devastating Category 4 hurricane, caused billions of dollars in damages to Puerto Rico and left 3.4 million island residents without electric power, potable water, and telecommunications. Recovery is estimated to take years. In response to this disastrous event, the University of Puerto Rico’s School of Planning and the Center for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro), in partnership with other educational institutions and civic organizations throughout the diaspora and Puerto Rico, launched the Rebuild Puerto Rico initiative.

The Resiliencia y Solidaridad: Encuentro con la Diáspora Conference, to be held Puerto Rico, is part of the Rebuild Puerto Rico Initiative. This conference seeks to facilitate the connections and collaborations of Puerto Rico’s civic sector and Puerto Ricans in the Diaspora who want to join efforts to contribute to the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.

Arch. Manuel Bermúdez AIA PHK participated in the Resiliency and Design Concurrent Panel on Friday, June 15, 2018 at the Río Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

Resiliency and Design Moderador: Martha Kohen Directora, Center for Hydro-Generated Urbanism, School of Architecture, University of Florida (FL)

William Siembieda, Jefe de Departamento, Division de Planificacion Regional, California Polytechnic State University (CA)

Elizabeth Class-Maldonado, Architect, RetoñoPR (PA)

Manuel Bermúdez AIA PHK, Principal, Manuel Bermúdez Arquitecto csp (PR)

Puerto Rico Puerto Ricans Resiliencia y Solidaridad

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